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For years Dave has had a calling and passion to do skills training for African young adults.  The public school system in the area around us is lacking in very basic education and trade skills exposure and training.  In 2018 we were blessed with donations to allow us to start a small wood shop with the purpose of providing training in woodworking.  

Soon after we opened the wood shop we were again blessed through Woodmizer Corporation to be able add a small sawmill to our shop operations.  This sawmill now allows us to mill trees from the farms around us and train our staff how to fell a tree and turn it into usable timber.  

When the wood shop opened we were attempting to get into the resort market with custom wood products. This was proving to be very time intensive and difficult to make the proper contacts for sales.   Then COVID hit and everything shut down.  We decided to try shifting to becoming a toy shop.  Through this transition the Munchkin Toy Shop was started.  Today our woodshop is very busy making wooden toys.  We currently have 4 young adults that we are training in the shop and our toys are growing in popularity in South Africa and in the states.  

We sell and market our toys through local craft markets and to private schools.  Our toys are designed to have an educational value and be very child safe and friendly.  Sales through our Munchkin Toy Shop help us sustain the woodshop operations plus the operational costs of Prayer Mountain School.

Munchkin Toy Shop also provides classroom furniture for Kingdom Shines Ministries preschools and primary school.  We offer a shop class for some of the Prayer Mountain School students and they are taught to use tools in the shop as they help us build classroom furniture.

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