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Who We Are

 Dave & Beth Phillips are independent missionaries serving in

South Africa and Mozambique.

Their primary mission is to Encourage and Empower by Educating

  1. Encourage … by helping others understand their identity in Christ

  2. Empower … teach Biblical values of integrity, Godly relationships, and positive work ethics.  Empowering youth and young adults to be less reliant on hand-outs and to become self-sustaining.  Giving them a hope for their tomorrows.

  3. Educate … by example, classroom training, hands-on training.


Beth started a school here at our farm to help the children in our neighbourhood with the basic education that is lacking in the public schools.  Public education in South Africa is failing the children that live in homesteads in rural areas, such as the area where we are located.  Her goal is to give children in poverty stricken communities a chance for a positive future.  She still plans to provide some support to 3 schools in South Africa and 2 small preschools in eSwatini once COVID lockdowns ease and she is able to travel again.


Dave runs the Munchkin Toy Shop wood shop where we disciple, educate and train young adults in wood working.  Toys made in the shop are sold at local markets, shops and through our online store. Proceeds from the sales help support the operation of the wood shop plus provide support to Prayer Mountain School.

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