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This Munchkin Farm Set is a stunning addition to any classroom and home play environment. It is crafted as a heirloom toy that should last for generations. The barn has a hay loft, 2 stalls with pivoting stall doors and a barn gate which also pivots. The farm set includes a handsome farmer and 7 carefully cut animal figures of hard wood: horse, cow, goat, pig, dog, rooster and hen. The set also includes 5 bales of hay and 9 pieces of fence so the child can create their own barn yard. All pieces are sealed with a child safe finish. This barn set is hand crafted in our wood shop so please allow 7-10 days for the product to be shipped..  Base is 528mm x 438mm and the barn is 364mm high.  Natural child safe finish.

Munchkin Farm Set

SKU: TY061
R1 370,00Price
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