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What would you give up to keep what you VALUE?

That's what we asked the Interns at New Life Church in Witbank, SA. We used media, games, activities and scripture to help them absorb these lessons and think about applying them to their lives.

Last week, Dave and I had the privilege to teach our Life Values Course which we have been developing over the last couple of years. We spent an enriching week hanging out with the Life Academy Interns. We combined what would normally take us 8 days of classes into 4 pretty full days of training.

Beth taught Biblical values such as:

  • their identity in Christ

  • doing everything with excellence

  • making wise choices

  • treating others like Jesus would have treated you

  • time management

  • healthy communication/listening skills

The financial curriculum was developed in South Africa around the movie Nothing for Mahala (Nothing for Free)

Dave covered Biblical financial integrity:

  • honesty in earning

  • responsibility in spending

  • wisdom in borrowing

  • self-control in saving

  • generosity in giving

These young adults are in such a pivotal point in their life where making wise choices and having integrity in everything that they do will greatly impact their path forward. It was an honor to spend this time pouring into them and pray that this week was influential in setting them on their way to a healthy and Christ based future.

Life Academy Interns (less 3 who were out sick) and their fearless leader, Lee Hartley

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