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Exciting Announcement

Hands & Feet Missions is very excited to announce the latest Mvumbi sustainability project. Acacia Artisans wood shop was officially started this week. The goal of this project is to disciple, teach and train while helping Africans help Africans.

For the past few months (including the 3 months we were stateside) we have been providing training for a local young man in preparation for him to operate and manage the wood shop. Mandla is being trained not only in the art and craft of fine wood working but also in shop and personnel management.

This week we began to setup Phase 1 of the wood shop where initial training and product development will take place. Thank you to our advisory group of talented wood workers from the states that are providing guidance as we begin this project. And thank you to our wonderful supporters that are funding the startup of this project.

Phase one will include smaller artisan type wood items that will be sold locally and in the states.

One of the unique goals of this wood shop is that most of the lumber used for the production of finished product will be cut and finished from local trees. It has been exciting this week and we began to try some of the new equipment and did a test cut of one of the black wattle trees (a form of acacia wood) that grows here on our farm. We are excited to begin making artisan items from this beautiful wood.

Watch for updates as we continue to build the shop, train and begin to produce beautiful artisan items for sale.

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